Mukta Community

– Flowering of Consciousness –


Mukta Community is a non-profit organization in Europe committed to go beyond spiritual consumerism to offer authentic Eastern Wisdom teachings, and distance healing on donation basis, as many Masters and Mystics did in the East.

Mukta Community is an opportunity for those who want to grow in harmony and peace beyond all divisions. An opportunity for all learners to awaken their consciousness and to bring transformation to Humanity.

Distance Healing


Receive healing and support regardless of your location. We support the well-being of all, because energetic connections can transcend physical distance.


A Conscious & Creative Way of Living

A Different Kind of Community

Living with a Master

Establish a permanent Holistic Centre

We provide Distance Healing on donation-basis

We offer authentic Eastern Wisdom teaching

Support the Community

Support the flow of energy to initiate the long term project: to establish a permanent holistic centre. We are actively raising funds through various ways and looking for a place to manifest the holistic vision.

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