Our Mission

A Different Kind of Living Community

Mukta Community mission is inspired by the Eastern wisdom that we are all one. Our relationship is not only based on a husband-and-wife model, rather it is relating beyond the idea of imaginary relationships. Relationships are like a university of life to learn and grow. But when a relationship becomes a refuge to escape from oneself, then it doesn’t solve its purpose. Eventually, it becomes a golden cage to stagnate and suffer, with random glimpses of happiness. A stagnant mind constantly seeks escape in spiritual and worldly entertainment to stimulate oneself from the boredom of uncreative relationship.

A true human relationship supports the growth of a being to its full potential, rather than compromising it. Eventually, all compromises lead to misery and unending confusion.

Out of free will, we get together to grow in pure consciousness and bliss. We live interdependently, with the freedom to stay with ourselves whenever we feel to do so, with no judgments or criticism. We are financially independent and we relate freely. What is important is to stay committed and focused on living consciously, present and aware. That’s why our mission is to share our common understanding of putting our heart, skills, qualities and ideas together to bring holistic wisdom to more people around the globe.

our mission

A Conscious & Creative Way of Living

We are all responsible to create the reality and the world we want to live in, and this is what brings us together! We are not here to convince or convert each other’s to become something we are not, nor to live in a certain way or to achieve a certain status.

Rather we are here to feel the bliss of living consciously here and now, in harmony with oneself, the others, and the nature.

That’s why our mission is building and nurturing strong foundations for a healthy way of living, from the food we eat to the words we speak, while supporting each other’s true nature to bloom.

Freedom is our nature and therefore we don’t impose a way of living secluded. Neither we encourage to live for distractions, unless this is your nature. We don’t suppress desires nor wealth, all are gifts to bring awareness and to dive deeper into who we truly are. What is important is not to be used by any of it, but to use it rightly to grow.

At Mukta Community, our mission is to provide a holistic environment where everyone is challenged to awaken their intelligence, freedom and bliss, which is always there behind the dust of the mind.

It is like a family beyond blood ties and greed. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, working, communicating, cooking, loving or doing nothing. What matters is our presence and awareness in whatever we do, to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Living with a Master

A healthy and sustainable community couldn’t exist without the energy of a master who shares his wisdom to help others to find their way. Mukta is not asking anyone to follow him blindly into any beliefs. Rather he brings light on beliefs we hold and encourages us to self-inquire. So breakthrough and true spirituality can be experienced. He supports each individual to think and feel for themselves.

Some spiritual systems are there to convert people and make them dependant. A mind which is dependent can never know itself. Love and intelligence is the essence of free mind. So it is very important to have a free mind from all the traces of the past. Only a new mind and heart can create new reality that is beyond conditioned patterns.

Become Part of the Team

We welcome everyone from all backgrounds who seek for profound transformation in life. If you have a selfless spirit and want to be in service of others and humanity, welcome to be part of the team. For this, you must have been volunteering with us for at least 6 months. Only then you can be sure that this way of living truly resonates with all your being.

Help the Community

Supporting in any ways are not only crucial to sustain, but also to initiate the long term project to establish a permanent holistic centre. We are actively raising funds through various ways and looking for a place to manifest the holistic vision.

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