Our Vision

Go Beyond Spiritual Consumerism

Mukta Community is a non-profit organization in France (Association Loi de 1901). Our vision is to go beyond spiritual consumerism to offer authentic Eastern Wisdom teachings and healing, on donation basis or at reasonable fee, as many Masters and Mystics did in the East. So spirituality is always accessible for all who are really thirsty and want to transform their true self.

It is very important to support more learners to awaken their consciousness and to bring transformation to Humanity.

An organic mind is a holistic mind that is ready to adapt to a new flow of life. Mukta Community is an opportunity for those who want to grow in harmony and peace beyond all divisions. Transformation begins when we start seeing things as they are, not as we want to. It is not following and believing blindly that is going to free us, rather dropping all blind following is true freedom. Only a free mind can live a free life full of abundance and love.

Mukta Community essence is to be who we truly are and not trying to be what we are not. To breakthrough harmful conditionings of the past and setting one free to live life full of freedom and abundance.

Establish a Permanent Holistic Centre

Mukta Community vision is to support the journey of many. For this, it is very important to have a permanent holistic center where seekers can meet and share their intelligence to grow together in a holistic way.

There will be three main ways in which you can be part of Mukta Community:

  • Take part in our Retreats, Workshops, Events, and stay onsite. Benefit from all the love and creativity that Mukta Community has to offer in different ways.
  • Take part in the Volunteer Program. Join the living Community for at least 6 months, share skills and challenge oneself in a new way of living.
  • Become part of Mukta Community Team. Use your intelligence in a creative and interdependently way of living beyond small families, and be responsible for the daily life of the community. This is possible only after you have volunteered with us for at least 6 month, and have truly felt the call and flow for it.

“Spirituality is not an escape from the world and its turmoil, rather becoming intelligent to deal with it, like a lotus flower that blooms in the mud”

— Mukta, Founder

Support the flow of energy

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. A small help can bring a big change.

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